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Red Flags- 1st Vendor Edition

We love weddings! They’re pretty much our favorite things 😉 We love smooth wedding days, dreams coming true, and all good memories… We are an honest group around here, so even though talking about the things that could go wrong isn’t our favorite thing, we do it for your sake. There are many vendors and […]

March 14, 2023

Wedding Planning Michigan


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Tipping the Vendors

Let’s talk about tips! We have been to weddings where there have been very generous gifts after the the fact. We have also been to weddings where we were paid our allotted fee and that’s it. We are okay with either of these options, but maybe you want to know more. How do I tip? […]

February 21, 2023

Planning, Wedding Coordination

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A Valentine’s to Remember

Love is in the air and we are here for it ! February has very little to celebrate in our great frigid state of Michigan, but love is always worth celebrating and acknowledging- especially on Valentine’s Day. We often see the biggest grandest expectations from couples for Valentine’s, but we’ve asked those same couples what […]

February 13, 2023

Couples Advice

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How to Have the Perfect Winter Wedding

First of all, we want to point out that a winter wedding, though unorthodox, can be a beautiful and memorable experience for you and loved ones attending! The important thing is making it comfortable for you and your guests. So let’s talk about some things you would need to know when considering whether to do […]

January 30, 2023

Planning, Wedding Coordination

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A Couple By Any Other Name

Picture it- You’re heading towards marital bliss and you and your soon-to-be spouse are excited to be a bit daring in your life choices. “Hello, Mr. Right and Miss….Always Right. It looks like you’re changing your names due to marriage. What Surname will you be taking?… Wrong? No problem! Sign here and pay $$. Congratulations […]

January 23, 2023


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Best Mid- Michigan Bridal Shops to Find THE Dress

“Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” — Melissa Brown Today we are going to focus on one of the BEST parts of any wedding day. The dress. THE dress. More specifically, where you can get THE dress. Mid-Michigan is home to many bridal shops […]

January 17, 2023


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Getting the Groom more Involved!

Groomzilla. Pretty sure none of us have heard that term before now. It’s always ‘Bridezilla’. It could be because brides tend to freak out a bit more during the stress of the wedding planning/execution phases- OR it could be because she is carrying the mental load of the big day on her shoulders almost completely […]

January 9, 2023

Getting the groom more Involved on your wedding day!

Planning, Wedding Coordination

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You Should… the Night Before Your Wedding

If you’ve been with us for awhile then hopefully you were able to check out last week’s blog of the things you need to do the night before your wedding. This week we are suggesting some things to do the night before your wedding that will help blow of some steam before the chaos of […]

December 26, 2022


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You Must… the Night Before Your Wedding

We are always so excited to share helpful information to make the wedding planning and process so much more enjoyable to you. This week and next will be a two part series about the night before your wedding. We want to leave no stressful stone unturned. This week we are focusing on the MUSTS and […]

December 20, 2022

Planning, Wedding Coordination

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Finding Calm Through the Wedding Planning Process

It’s a beautiful sort of chilly weather today and it’s left a feeling of such calm. It can start one thinking of how stressful life can be without these moments of calm. We, here at Creative Grace Planning, know how tough the process can be amid roses and color palates. On that note we want […]

November 29, 2022


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